Sam (sammeam) wrote in ak_women,

Ladies... interested in being America's Next Top Model?

Then join us for the casting of America's Next Top Model at Platinum Jaxx!

Audition for the chance to be on America's Next Top Model on the CW! The casting call will be held on August 10th at 3pm at Platinum Jaxx. Pre-register by 12:00 noon on August 9th. All contestants will be videotaped and have their video sent to Los Angeles for screening,

Pick up your registration at Platinum Jaxx, KIMO Television at 2700 East Tudor Rd, or online at!

And don't miss the Top Model After Party, catwalk and judging begins Friday August 10th at 9pm! A local winner will be selected!!!

Must be 18 years old and at least 5'7" to apply. No purchase necessary.
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