Rena (manicmomma) wrote in ak_women,

Rabbit Creek Preschool

It's called Rabbit Creek Preshool (they are in the phonebook) but they are actually in the Ocean
View area. The school is the model that MOA uses when letting any new preschool get licensed & they are completely run by parent committee so you really do have a say in how your child is taught. They also run as a non-profit so the costs are very reasonble. Unfortunately, because RCP is non-profit it means that they really need all spots filled in the school & right now the 4's pm class is only half filled. As you can imagine this is causing quite a financial hardship. So, please spread the word. Thanks!!!!
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I have 2 two year olds - added up they would make one 4! I'd be really happy to donate them to your cause... Maybe as a auction item?
I so could have written this myself. Actually, I have 4 kids. None of which are 4 years old. (10, 5, 3, 17 mos) I wonder if they'll take all "4" of mine as an offering?
Hey - we may have invented a new fund raiser!

Actually, I can't REALLY donate them without parental consent (they are my grandkids, whom I care for during the day,) but right now, I'd say chances are good that they would go for it too - although they would probably insist that the 6 yr old be included to complete the package.

If they had a 2 yr old class, even for an hour or two, we'd be there in a minute! One will be turning 3 in about a month, so I am hoping things will start getting better with only one of them officially "terrible"...
The 4's class at the preschool is actually a 4's & 5's class (for any pre-K child.) The teachers are FABULOUS! I have a son in the 3's class and he runs into the classroom (and I was worried he would "miss" me.) Sometimes he'll give a teacher a hug. Most days he beelines to the painting area to crank out a bit of art before exploring the other area's. Activities and art projects change with each class day and follow a theme of the week. The parent co-op part of the program is wonderful too. On days that I volunteer in the classroom, I get to really see how the program works. I love it when the kids all cozy up in the reading nook and pick books for the teacher to read during "free play" time. Usually one child will start it and by the time the book is done, there is a dogpile of kiddo's in the corner. I am equally amazed that this gaggle of 3-year olds sit "criss-cross-applesauce" at circle time and line up so nicely to go outside and come back in (though it wasn't that way at the beginning of the year!) I can't say enough good things about this program!
I posted this message for a friend of mine who has a son in attendance there and I believe she volunteers there as well. You guys probably know each other. :)