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Best place to rent in Anchorage

Hi all,
we are relatively new in Anchorage. Right now we live just off Tudor, next to UAA housing. It is a very convenient location, never the less there are plenty of less than savory types in the area, heck, I had to call the cops three times myself, once on my neighbor, and twice because of some brawling going on just outside of my windows. every week cops come by at least once.
We have a baby on the way and would like to move to a better area. But we are not sure where to look. Online reviews are pretty scarce. One place we were kind of leaning towards turned out to be a total dump and the reviewers were quite unanimous about it.
Maybe someone could recommend a semi-decent place? We are considering Admiral's Cove on  Debarr, but again, it's a nice place surrounded by projects, so I dunno...


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